McLane Journal Entry #2 – Saturday, September 10th

Once again I decided to spend my entire day in the studio on my artwork and only left for food twice. Therefore I didn’t go to Mclane, and I feel slightly guilty about it, however I took this as an opportunity to do a bit of research on the building.

The following is my set of notes on what I discovered:

  • The McLane center opened in 1971
    • named after former Alfred University athletic director James A. McLane
  • This houses intramural space, a fitness center, as well as offices for the Department of Athletics and the Division for Athletic Training
  • Gibbs Fitness Center is 4000 square feet
  • Home to men’s and women’s basketball teams, the men’s and women’s swimming/diving teams, women’s volleyball team.
  • Basketball, floor hockey, inner tube water polo, indoor soccer, racquetball
  • Joyce and Walton Annex added via state funding
    • Home to a 4 lane elevated track and 3 basketball courts with dividers
  • Tennis courts attached on exterior
  • Terry S. Galanis Family Arena for basketball/volleyball as well as several kinds of ceremonies
  • Lebohner Pool – six 25 foot wide lanes with diving pool (3 meter board and 1 meter board)
  • Harrington Field – Softball (OFF SITE)
    • Doris Harrington – 1987 AU Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Jericho Hill Fields (OFF SITE)
    • Home to rugby and cross country
  • William T. Brown tennis courts
    • 6 regulation tennis courts
  • Bromley-Dagget Equestrian (OFF SITE)
  • Swain Ski and Snowboard Center (OFF SITE


Whereas this updated my knowledge in regards to the statistics and trivia of the center, it didn’t do much for me in regards to the feel of the building.

I’ll definitely be getting my lazy ass over there tomorrow.



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