McLane Journal Entry #3 – Sunday, September 11

Today I ventured to McLane around 9:30 to 10 pm, and my attention was immediately caught by the drastic change in its interior appearance; most of the lights that generally illuminated the building during the day were turned off and shadows danced where they never had before. Of course there was the hallway with the spiral staircase that everyone had found creepy when they examined the structure, but at this moment obscurity ran rampant in all corners.

The building became almost alien to me, the motion of my eyes and body throughout the space changed entirely due to the sudden lack of familiarity. My regular “route” that had been developed through monotonous exploration was broken.

The different manner of making my way through the space brought several things to my attention especially in regards to new rooms or pathways I hadn’t previously explored; new stairways and halls connected point A to point be in a maze like fashion that I could not assemble in my mind.

The very conventional space that had a very obvious purpose of physical training had transformed into a cryptic labyrinth with a context that was very hard to pinpoint.

Adding to the ominous feel of my investigation tonight was that I had not seen any other people; no one was utilizing the building, which effectively killed the space.

With a lack of purpose, the McLane center became a corpse.


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