McLane Journal Entry #4 – Monday, September 12

Today I spent most of my time gathering materials and brainstorming for the installation. My first stop was the RePo since I had been funneling odds and ends into it for a few days and seen some things that we could use for the piece. I grabbed some wooden planks, rope, fabric, black foam board, and a working light then headed over to Cohen.

When I arrived I had discovered that Char and Jaime had brought a damaged streetlamp without its post, so I unscrewed the top and installed the bulb from RePo into it to get it illuminated. The new bulb was much more attractive than that ugly freaking tungsten crap they use in the posts on campus, and we were all pretty happy about it.

I organized the rest of the salvaged supplies that I had brought, brainstormed a bit more on our large piece of memo paper in the middle of our space, and left.


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