McLane Journal Entry #5 – Tuesday, September 13

Tonight I decided to go and experience the space as a regular student would, so Amy and I worked out for about an hour.

It had been a long time since I went on a run so I realized pretty quickly that I was incredibly out of shape and would be needing my inhaler pretty badly.

Pretty sure there was a point where I felt like I was going to yak too.

Regardless of my physical fitness, while we were in the fitness center several “artifacts” caught our eyes and my inner cleptomaniac came out.


It started with a couple weights, nothing major…. stealthily snuck into our bags by the treadmills.

I mean really it’s the fault of the student employees at the desk who don’t really do their job…

Then the journey out of the building was a mix of walking and grabbing laminated sheets off of the walls.

A few mats and plyo boxes may have been added to the collection as well..

All in all, a lot of objects were accumulated in an unnoticed manner.

Foundations Super Spy Merit Badge Opportunity?



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