McLane Journal Entry #5 – Wednesday, September 13

This post was going to be productive and about the center but then a beautiful trove of events occurred.


All of the finishing touches had pretty much been made on our project, I had run several errands for my group and would be the last person in the studio adding the last detail: fishing line-suspended planks that would act as the deep staircase you encounter the moment you enter the McLane center.

I returned from my tasks outside of Cohen and made my way downstairs to the installation space I noticed two things:

  1. Another group had thrown all of their trash and excess material into our installation space, all over our mats and underneath our rubbing, pretty much everywhere.
  2. Another group had taken all ladders within the space and integrated them into their structural design, although we had told them that we still needed to use one to hang planks from the ceiling.

Initially I attempted to problem solve, looking for stools or a table to stand on, but all of those had been additionally taken as structural supports, and as mad as I was about the sheer lack of consideration, I didn’t want to ruin another person’s artwork.

Since I could not reach the ceiling, I ripped down the remaining fishing line and scrapped the hanging staircase idea. In regards to the junk strewn about our space, luckily we had the janitor broom that Hannah had brought from McLane. I spent about half an hour sweeping everything into a pile, organizing cardboard into usable pieces and scraps, as well as removing anything that could’ve been RePoed.

In hindsight, I really should’ve taken pictures and showed them to a professor so we could have a talk about studio etiquette, but I didn’t want it to become a bitch session, that’s not who I am.

I suppose that’s what this post became, and I’m just another “Armchair Warrior” armed with my keyboard. Nevertheless, experiencing those issues at the hands of other people (whom I enjoy being around) the night before a large assignment was due was not fun. Especially being the last person touching up my group’s piece. Oh well, it was not detrimental to our work, and I’m still happy with how things came out.

Isn’t this what most people use blogs for? To rant? Glad I had my chance.



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