McLane Journal Entry #6 – Thursday, September 14

Today our piece was revealed to the world (and more importantly our professors), and Andrew was right when he told me to just let go of my perfectionism and particularity when working in a group setting. Everyone had their own ideas that coalesced in a very fluid way and overall our piece was deemed successful, with reasonable criticism of course.

I was very happy with the amount of work my group members and I put into our piece as well as our creativity. I’d like to give a special shout out to Hannah for her extensive efforts in gathering concession food, utilizing her relationship with the janitor, and overall having an incredible attitude throughout the entire process, even when it became difficult/overwhelming.

I decided to go on a run again tonight to see how different the space was to me after the installation had been created. The point of our piece was to dissect McLane into the aspects that everyone noticed most and to emphasize/integrate those as if they were the only parts of the building; the parts that stand out are the only parts that come alive in memory, so eliminate all extraneous details and only portray the important segments.

I found that having this outlook definitely created some parallels in my mind between our interpretation of the space and the space itself; what was lost in translation, what changed between reality and expression, and what other things stood out to me now that our installation had been burned into my vision.

Additionally, Amy and I had to film our “performance” (which can be found in my next post) tonight separately from our group due to schedules not aligning.



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