You call THAT absurd? Oh Please…


16 sites

  1. Abandoned building next to wellness center
  2. Alumni hall
  3. Tree-Tree (treehouse on pine hill trail)
  4. Hairpin
  5. Leadership center next to Openhym
  6. Herrick
  7. Brick basement
  8. Mocha joka
  9. Miller Theater
  10. Scholes attic
  11. Racquetball room in McLane
  12. Murder Shack off of Pine Hill trail
  13. Powell mailroom
  14. Pool in McLane
  15. Knight’s club
  16. Glass Hot Shop in Harder


8 Absurd Interventions 

  1. Fill the honey jar at mocha joka with solid wax of a similar color
  2. Cover the surface of the pool with ping pong balls
  3. Saran wrap the entire exterior of the treehouse, including the entry hatch
  4. Come to open figure drawing at the Brick basement in just your underwear and say that you thought it was a requirement
  5. Create a meth lab in the murder shack, convince your arch-nemesis to tag along, then turn them in and pin the operation on them
  6. Fill Scholes attic with rotten watermelon, hoping to attract pests
  7.  Set off the lights in Knight’s Club and play Cher’s “Do You Believe in Life After Love” on repeat, covering the floor in peanut butter prior.
  8. Stand in between the movable bookshelves in Herrick so that some books cannot be accessed without crushing you alive


32 strategies

Take memory items
Photograph things/scenes
Charcoal wall rubbings
Video recordings
Noise recordings
Converse with students in the space
Sketch the space
Describe the space in a journal entry
Create a fictional narrative within the space
Lay on a heavily trodden area of the floor
People-Watch and list everyone’s habits
Talk to employees/staff within the space
Create sculptures inside the space with only on-hand materials
Walk the entire interior of the building listing textures you feel on the walls
Ask people for knick-knacks
Record how many people you see
Try to open every locked door
Record every smell you encounter
Write stories about the internal thoughts of everyone that passes you
Pretend to walk an imaginary dog through the space and mentally record reactions
Try to camouflage
Draw everything you see on a super small scale
Reorganize furniture within the space, see how it changes interaction
Dance through the entire space yelling at people to join you
Go during different times of day and comment on the lighting
Stand in the middle of a doorway that is used often; force people to reroute. say nothing.
Make a survey about the building and distribute it
Cry in public and observe responses
Pour water on every (safe) available surface and see how it distributes/flows
Eat everything that is technically edible
Sleep there overnight
Sneak into the area when it is Closed


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