Our 560 Group Proposals (since we didn’t get any from a member)


Key to Which Proposals Belong to Whom

Hannah 1-20

Olivia 21-40

Kenna 41-60  

Evelyn 61-80

Jacob 81-100         

Makenzie 101-120

Josh 121-140          

Absurd Proposals

  1. Hook wires up to the ceiling and every time I sneeze raise several feet in the air as if blown away by sneeze.
  2. Begin chopping up the tables and chairs in the room and throwing the “lumber” into a wheelbarrow for the winter.
  3. Tear up the floor then replacing it with wood textured paper and having a pit underneath all overnight with a simple plastic shovel and pail. The people would subsist off of split pea soup and would remain trapped until bailed out by friends, relatives or prospective new owners. All proceeds go to Terra Cotta.
  4. Place swarming wasps overhead the tables to encourage patrons to eat quickly. Those who finish in record time can keep the stingers plucked from slow customers.
  5. Stage the…

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