FINAL ITERATION REFLECTION: I just want to enjoy my coffee, man.

Upon completing the final iteration of this Research Block, one thing comes to mind:


Although we had to change from our initial idea (which was kind of complicated) to something new, I feel as though going through our second process still captured our interest in researching how the nature of the employee and service can alter perception of a space.

Whereas at the beginning of this project, there were only a few people really pulling the group ahead, the final iteration truly was a collective effort from all members.

Initially it seemed very simple to us, to note the statistics and actions of the employees and clientele in both locations, Terra Cotta and Herrick Library. However, once we had completed that far in advance, we soon realized that that could not be our standalone blog post/documentation of our iteration, as it wouldn’t correctly capture the process.

At this point we decided record some interviews through video, and use those to place our audience within the space and get them thinking about how service affects environment.

Being that I’ve always worked in people-service, previously as a cashier and now as a host at a restaurant, I know what goes into service, and how I am expected to act in my workplace environment to “please the customer and make them want to come back.”

In this way I’ve always found it kind of ridiculous how I can’t be quite myself, I always have to put on a facade to please strangers; it was interesting to analyze this from the opposite perspective, as well as someone who is in my shoes in a different environment.

Our results didn’t really have a preconceived direction, especially with Herrick, but I would consider them pretty conclusive and universal.

Good Job Foundations Studio Research

You’ve absolutely kicked my sorry, red-vest-clad ass.


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