TERRA COTTA (we are the little curds in cottage cheese) FINAL ITERATION



We were initially going to focus on tree tree but as the weather got worse and we talked about it with the rest of the group we decided to relocate to the Terra Cotta.

Here is some coffee shop-esque music to listen to as you read the rest of the story.

Moving sites was beneficial because there were more factors to consider and play with at Terra Cotta due to the heavier traffic flow and more human influences. We each made our own private notes and discoveries and then we came together as a group to work together and gather intel for our installation.

Following our individual and collective research we used our findings to create a our installation which Josh made sure was slammin and up to his standards.20161007_104931 We were also tasked with forming 640 proposed interventions! Soon thereafter we were instructed to sift through those and…

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