I Was Peeling Paint Out of my Ear for Hours

Below are my notes for the media outlets that we have to present our ritual through, I prefer them scratchy and messy to typed and uniform. The latter gives me the feeling of being in a cubicle and I’m not about that.

Additionally, here is an draft-iteration of one-layer of my 4 layer ear painting and a video of its processimg_5959

For the sake of a professor reviewing the documentation I’ve time lapsed it. (Don’t worry, this will not be happening with any final product videos)

I was also playing with the idea of photoshopping ears onto my face, however I now think it may be more interesting to have a diptych of an ear photoshopped/cut out and places onto the genitalia of a female form, and a q tip placed over male genitalia. Side by side polaroid images. Yay or Nay? Plays with the identity of the Q tip as the “penetrator” or stereotypical male figure while the ear is being entered much like the norm of female genitalia.

(these were my source images for photoshopping ears onto my face but I am quite tired of the back of Cohen, and am feeling more inspired by my new diptych idea)



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