I Was Peeling Paint Out of my Ear for Hours

Below are my notes for the media outlets that we have to present our ritual through, I prefer them scratchy and messy to typed and uniform. The latter gives me the feeling of being in a cubicle and I’m not about that.

Additionally, here is an draft-iteration of one-layer of my 4 layer ear painting and a video of its processimg_5959

For the sake of a professor reviewing the documentation I’ve time lapsed it. (Don’t worry, this will not be happening with any final product videos)

I was also playing with the idea of photoshopping ears onto my face, however I now think it may be more interesting to have a diptych of an ear photoshopped/cut out and places onto the genitalia of a female form, and a q tip placed over male genitalia. Side by side polaroid images. Yay or Nay? Plays with the identity of the Q tip as the “penetrator” or stereotypical male figure while the ear is being entered much like the norm of female genitalia.

(these were my source images for photoshopping ears onto my face but I am quite tired of the back of Cohen, and am feeling more inspired by my new diptych idea)


FINAL ITERATION REFLECTION: I just want to enjoy my coffee, man.

Upon completing the final iteration of this Research Block, one thing comes to mind:


Although we had to change from our initial idea (which was kind of complicated) to something new, I feel as though going through our second process still captured our interest in researching how the nature of the employee and service can alter perception of a space.

Whereas at the beginning of this project, there were only a few people really pulling the group ahead, the final iteration truly was a collective effort from all members.

Initially it seemed very simple to us, to note the statistics and actions of the employees and clientele in both locations, Terra Cotta and Herrick Library. However, once we had completed that far in advance, we soon realized that that could not be our standalone blog post/documentation of our iteration, as it wouldn’t correctly capture the process.

At this point we decided record some interviews through video, and use those to place our audience within the space and get them thinking about how service affects environment.

Being that I’ve always worked in people-service, previously as a cashier and now as a host at a restaurant, I know what goes into service, and how I am expected to act in my workplace environment to “please the customer and make them want to come back.”

In this way I’ve always found it kind of ridiculous how I can’t be quite myself, I always have to put on a facade to please strangers; it was interesting to analyze this from the opposite perspective, as well as someone who is in my shoes in a different environment.

Our results didn’t really have a preconceived direction, especially with Herrick, but I would consider them pretty conclusive and universal.

Good Job Foundations Studio Research

You’ve absolutely kicked my sorry, red-vest-clad ass.

TERRA COTTA (we are the little curds in cottage cheese) FINAL ITERATION



We were initially going to focus on tree tree but as the weather got worse and we talked about it with the rest of the group we decided to relocate to the Terra Cotta.

Here is some coffee shop-esque music to listen to as you read the rest of the story.

Moving sites was beneficial because there were more factors to consider and play with at Terra Cotta due to the heavier traffic flow and more human influences. We each made our own private notes and discoveries and then we came together as a group to work together and gather intel for our installation.

Following our individual and collective research we used our findings to create a our installation which Josh made sure was slammin and up to his standards.20161007_104931 We were also tasked with forming 640 proposed interventions! Soon thereafter we were instructed to sift through those and…

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Our 560 Group Proposals (since we didn’t get any from a member)


Key to Which Proposals Belong to Whom

Hannah 1-20

Olivia 21-40

Kenna 41-60  

Evelyn 61-80

Jacob 81-100         

Makenzie 101-120

Josh 121-140          

Absurd Proposals

  1. Hook wires up to the ceiling and every time I sneeze raise several feet in the air as if blown away by sneeze.
  2. Begin chopping up the tables and chairs in the room and throwing the “lumber” into a wheelbarrow for the winter.
  3. Tear up the floor then replacing it with wood textured paper and having a pit underneath all overnight with a simple plastic shovel and pail. The people would subsist off of split pea soup and would remain trapped until bailed out by friends, relatives or prospective new owners. All proceeds go to Terra Cotta.
  4. Place swarming wasps overhead the tables to encourage patrons to eat quickly. Those who finish in record time can keep the stingers plucked from slow customers.
  5. Stage the…

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Our Group Performances and Group Research

Nordin Foundations

3 Wild Performances at the Terra-Cottta

  1. The Sandwich – A sandwich turns out to be too much for our young heroes…
  2. Sensory speed writing – The red shirt group cycled around a table, writing down anything that came to mind at that moment. After a few minutes they had a wheel of ideas.
  3. Intense Chess – Josh and Jacob battled through an intense game of chess at the table in the middle of the Terra-Cotta. Fans cheered from the sidelines, Jacob took the win after hard fought game.

8 Even Wilder Research Activities

  • Walking around a table at a constant pace, participants wrote everything that came to their mind, including sights, smells, sounds, and thoughts.

image-4                              image-1

  • Individually, we recorded a texture through paper wall rubbings and brought them all together on the wall in our Terra-Cotta space.

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